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The Louisiana Attorney's/Secretary's Handbook is the most valuable reference directory for legal professionals. It was developed specifically so that attorneys, legal assistants, and legal secretaries may save time by having current information available in one reference source. The Louisiana Attorney's/Secretary's Handbook is in its thirty-second edition and a new edition is published annually.

"Our law firm primarily practices in the area of civil litigation, and as such we have a frequent need to be in contact with various courts and administrative offices throughout the state. We use the Handbook as our 'yellow pages' when making these contacts and have found it to be very accurate and up-to-date."

- Dorris Wente, Legal Assistant; Gislason, Dosland, Hunter & Malecki

"I've been working in a law office for eight years. I purchased this book about nine months ago and I don't know how I ever made it without it. It's such a valuable reference tool. Law offices should not be without it."

Anne Smith, PLS; Texas Association of Legal Secretaries

" . . . just what we needed - pertinent information on the courts in one handy publication."

Janet Westboork, Legal Assistant; Cook, Noell, Trolley & Aldridge



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